What's up, Witches?!

In this episode, Fire Lyte and Velma discuss:

Identity in the pagan community

Being in and out of the broom closet in various scenarios

How to properly turn down a coven invitation


We put an end to the fake flowers discussion. (I'll give you a hint. Velma was right!)

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Later Witches!



  • Essa

    Wow! thanks so much for the shouts :) You two are awesome individually and that makes you super awesome together! xoxo!!!

    Mar 6, 2011 at 3:37 pm
  • David Trimble

    Hey Guys! Just listened to this episode while commuting this morning. As always - you two make for very good company! Couple of thoughts for you to consider….

    1. re. Is solitary worship Pagan enough? My thought… Maybe! Recall that worshop, prayer, and dare I say Magik are all about the intention. I feel it depends greatly on what the practitioner is trying to do, or is looking for. If one simply wishes to strengthen their personal relationship with Diety - alone in the woods works for me. I find deep personal workings and group ceremony don’t mix. Now to contradict myself - I also feel strongly that the old “faith without works” clause applies in many cases… That is to say - that if I am to serve my idea of Diety, and experience growth and challenges, than I must practice my faith in all aspects of my life - and that includes working in group circles, tending the Beltaine fires, serving up coffee to my Tribe… yes - being in service. This does not mean I am out of the closet with everyone I come into contact with (esp. at work) - I can practice my spiritual principles quietly, without wearing my heart (or penticle) on my sleeve. So - it depends what one is looking for in their faith, or their practice. 2. re. Ethanol in Circle…. That’s a tougher one. Where I worship there are always two choices - one with and one without. Mead and (soft) cider… wine and juice… Many I worship with feel that it disrespects the body and soul to drink while in circle. And disrespects the Gods/Goddesses. Now - these same folks will make offerings of mead, beer, whiskey… it’s the ingestion that is the issue. Invoking angels, or ceremonial Kabbalah… that’s the kind of magik that many feel needs an unimpared mind… A roucus (sp?) Beltaine (fluffy) hunt/chase in the woods might be enhanced by moderate drinking. Again - it depends on intention!

    Thanks for the time and effort you both put into all three podcasts!!

    Be well, Dave… If you do mention this on the air please just refer to me as Turnbull

    Mar 11, 2011 at 9:00 pm

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