What's up, Witches?

Fire Lyte & Velma Nightshade sit down, turn on the mics, and give to you a show with at least a half dozen different topics.

You want math? We've got math. You want Halloween movies? We've got Halloween movies! You want popcorn and discussions about insignificance? Ok...we've got half of those.

It's a big, fat show with big, fat topics! Enjoy!

Later witches!



  • Kate Lee

    Just got around to this episode! Turns out my computer was lying to me, as it had been telling me that there were no more episodes after Episode 15 until yesterday. Ah well! I’m getting my fix now, haha!

    Just wanted to let Velma know that there are a lot of supplements that are great for improving cognitive function and memory issues that aren’t just “old people vitamins”! :P Firstly, fish oil! Some say it’s the best supplement you can take, and it really can help a lot with that kind of thing. I have major brain fog, and can really tell a difference when I forget to take it. It also helps stabilize blood sugar, which is great for hypoglycemics like me! I’m studying to become an herbalist, and although I’m just starting out, I know some useful stuff already. The two herbs I would recommend besides ginko would be gota kola and rosemary. Rosemary well known for aiding in circulation, especially to the brain, and can help with focus and memory. I actually use rosemary essential oil for topical and aromatic applications for my classes! (Note that if you decide to use rosemary oil internally, do not take more than 1-2 drops, as high doses of the rosemary compounds can cause high blood pressure. High doses are actually used to treat those with low blood pressure.) Gota kola is another great herb for circulation to the brain, improved memory, and concentration. Both rosemary and gota kola have been, and to this day still are, given to the mentally retarded to help with with cognitive function. Also both are used by student to aid them, and to those who have Alzheimers.

    I found a great combination that I plan to order for myself- as a student, and as a person who tends to get major brain fog- and for my father. It’s called Memory Care, and is sold by Mountain Rose Herbs. There is both an extract (tincture) version (http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/extract/combin.html) and a capsule version (http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/cap/combination.html). The capsule version does contain Rhodiola root and Lecithin powder, while the extract version does not. But in the end it’s comes down to what is more convenient for you, of course :) I’m sure there are other great combos sold by other companies out there if you look. I like ordering from Mountian Rose because I already get most of my herbs there anyway, and becuase the vast majority of their herbs are wild crafted or organically grown. I’ve learned in herb class that this can make or break the effectiveness of some herbs, especially those whose medicinal compounds are mineral based. For example nervines, like Valerian, can be useless commercially grown. Commercially grown herbs do not have enough minerals in the ground for the plant to use (as they don’t replace them as they’re pulled out as organic growers do), and therefore can not develop much of the medicinal compounds to have much effect, if any. Anyway, now I’m rambling :P

    Now that I’ve rambled on, I just wanted to say that I LOVE this show! You guys are just great, and you crack me up XD I’ve learned SO MUCH from this show- even with being in a big Pagan community like the on in San Diego. When my solitary Pagan friends come to me wanting to learn more than just out of a book, but they have no community, I direct them to Pagan podcasts- this one is one of the first ones I recommend! I think Pagan Podcasting is an invaluable resource, and just wanted to thank both of you for taking the time out of your lives so the rest of us can learn and know what’s going on in the community :)

    Apr 14, 2012 at 4:11 pm

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