What's up, Witches!?

Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade wish you a very special, blessed Samhain. We discuss Ghost Faeries, the 95/5 argument, and announce the winner of our first swag contest!

Do forgive our rambling. It's been a long month.

Later, Witches!




  • Lorrie

    Merry Meet!

    About your latest show and the 95/5 argument:

    I believe that anything is possible when a person, as a witch, is in sync with nature, your God and/or Goddess. I think making things happen the way a person wants is mainly due to this. When you are in tune to those, miracles will be everyday, ordinary occurrences, and not much need in doing spellwork for yourself because things will pretty much go your way all the time. But the difficult trick is knowing them EXTREMELY WELL, to be THAT in tune with them.

    When people talk about “ghost fairies”, flying on brooms, etc. whatever, it’s not that I don’t believe what they are saying. I tend to not believe them because they are saying it to me and others–especially if we are not very close. I believe doing majick is something done and achieved in a quiet, non-boisterous, humble manner. When people brag about anything in general, it usually means they are lying or at least not being totally honest. I don’t think one should be in the broom closet about their majick but also not to shout it from the rooftops either. Your majick is your own private business. What point would there be to tell others anyway, as most people would not believe that you saw, say, fairies or flew on a broom, and at least would want you to prove it, which would obviously lead to a lot of negativity around as the “prove it to me people” hover around in pre-judgment; so, not surprising, it may not work at that time. It’s like the bible says in “casting one’s pearls before swine”. Keep your majick miracles to yourself or just mention it to very close trusted friends.

    Just because you have not experineced something and have not heard anyone experience it doesn’t mean it has never happened to a person or will never happen. Think of all the factual, unexplained historical things that has occured–even objects in the world that we can’t explain how it was made or how it got there. Maybe something like majick made it possible.

    I’m not saying I always believe everything people say to me, BUT I do always believe everything people say IS possible when in perfect tune with nature and one’s God/Goddess. There has to be this all in agreement along with faith and good intentions. All which is very hard to nearly impossible to be and do at all times.

    Look, we’ve all been told by grown-ups when we were kids that this and that is fake and don’t believe in it because it’s make-believe to the point where many of us really don’t believe in fantastic majick, but just subtle, barely majickal stuff like you Fire Lyte and Velma (I think) believe. That childhood result, sadly, is why I think most people lost that powerful, extraordinary belief that helps to make miracle types of majick. So at this point, it would be better to believe more than not believe what people say. This helps to open your heart and mind to the possibility of anything can happen and we as witches CAN really blow people away with our majick!

    I too, have a lot to work on with my beliefs as I grew up a JW and as you know, that religion doesn’t believe in witchcraft in any way, shape or form, so for the first 17 years of my life, then about a decade more when I became a Protestant Methodist I didn’t believe in witchcraft, so I have to really learn to open myself up more in believing all types of majick to be open for anything as long as it’s with good intentions. Because I believe the more doubts you have, the more you limit yourself as a witch, which will result in only being able to do subtle majick.

    Nov 4, 2011 at 3:16 am
  • Lorrie

    Part II of my comments as this podcast is SO LONG–but I love it! :) )

    Regarding saying Happy New Year on Samhain, well, I don’t consider Samhain my New Year, but only consider it as the end.

    I’ve always felt Yule is the actual New Year and not Samhain. Some witches also feel this way.

    For me, Samhain represents–among other things–ending, getting rid of things not healthy in ones’ life, a time for reflecting on the past year…which goes on until Yule–my New Year, when I stop thinking of the past and think more of future projects, healthier things to get into, the start of new changes, etc.

    Plus, it helps in a psychological way of knowing it’s just days away from the secular New Year’s, being the closest Sabbat to it, thereby feeling all the more the New Year’s Sabbat to me, something I guess you Fire Lyte would appreciate as you said you don’t feel October is the time to celebrate a New Years Day. At least Yule is closer so thereby having that New Year’s feel. :)

    Also, to my understanding, Yule is also a celebration of the birth of the Sun King and nature’s renewal. Some of us light fires and/or candles to encourage the sun to grow stronger. The Winter Solstice is the turning point in the natural cycle of the year, where the darkest night in the year is followed by a day where light comes earlier and earlier.

    Nov 4, 2011 at 6:11 pm

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