What's up, Witches?!

Fire Lyte and Velma get personal today with some very personal topics! We first talk about the concept of 'personal truth', and the two of us do something we rarely do: we disagreed. Then, we talked about Personal Gain, and that was fun because it led to demons and the catholic church. Always fun.

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Later Witches!



  • zellen

    hay guys. first off love your shows .. but fire lyte…. ooh fire lyte.. you need to go and see the muppet show you poor man i cant help but feel youve been robed some how .. please just please go see it.. you will not regret it much love zellen

    Dec 14, 2011 at 10:28 pm
  • Amy

    Hey Witches! Listening to Episode 18, and I have to comment about Once Upon a Time: I am really enjoying this show! I watched maybe the first 2 seasons of Lost and then gave up on it. So I’m not seeing the connections with Lost. What I particularly love about Once Upon a Time is the variations on the fairy tales. They are not telling the standard takes, AND they are mixing in so many things! (King Midas!) And Rumplestiltskin is just so wonderfully creepy. Wow, they really did it right to make him so eerily evil and sneaky.

    And I just heard you mention ANYA! Yeah. Gonna keep watching this show.

    Okay: yes, I watched all of Buffy, and FINALLY watched all of Angel. I have all of them on DVD. I did a “project” this year to watch all episodes in order, and to switch back and forth between the shows as appropriate (and finally got some of the connections I’d missed when I originally watched Buffy, but wasn’t terribly interested in Angel).

    And yeah, a “Real Witches” reality show, yech.

    Dec 21, 2011 at 12:49 pm

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